current faves

Writing. My new last name. Morning workouts. Manageable warm weather. Sleeping in on Saturdays. Jim’s cooking. Lat pulls. Word with Friends. Being almost friends with our neighbors. Weekend hikes. Painting my nails. Unfriending annoying people. Brunch. Fish tacos. Reading. The three shows we get without cable. Pandora. Vitamins. Cheap flats from Last Chance. New iPhone camera apps. Not writing any more thank you notes. Speaking Spanish. Lip gloss. S’mores. Recycling. Being 25 days away from my MBA. All my girlfriends.


One thought on “current faves

  1. you are a sweetheart. I must get busy on your wedding present – which you may not want and certainly do not need 🙂 but I am compelled to make…xoxo, Emily

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