In other good news…I won the lottery!

This seems totally legit, right?!

2011 B.B.C LOTTERY National Lottery Results
PO Box 200
Harrogate England, UK

Dear Guaranteed Winner

We are Pleased to inform you that you have won a prize money of GBP 750.000.00 (Seven hundred And Fifty Thousand, Great Britain Pound Sterling) for the Annual 2011 Lottery promotion which is organized by B.B.C National Lottery in conjunction with the MICROSOFT WINDOWS. B.B.C National Lottery, Do get back to us immediately for more information.

Yours faithfully,

Dan Pascali
Online coordinator
(Sweepstakes International Program)

When Dan Pascali was a young lad, he was told he could be anything he wanted to when he grew up, even if that dream was to be an email scammer. I picture him then, sitting on his grandpa’s knee, chatting about the path he would take to reach this dream, and who would help him achieve success.

Personally, I’d like to school dear Dan on the semantics of proper grammer and punctuation. I think it might help him lure a few more suckers into his ponzi scheme. I mean, signing an email “faithfully yours” isn’t necessarily¬†the best way to build business relationships.

Or is it?

Dan: you had me at “Dear Guaranteed Winner.”


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