T – 72 Hours

I’m caught between wanting it to immediately be the day of the wedding, and then suddenly wanting the next three days to take forever. It’s a catch-22 to be so excited for something, that the anticipation alone is completely fulfilling.

I have gotten so many kind words and pieces of advice from people in my life this week, that I wanted to take a chance to compile some of it together. However – when I went to transfer texts, emails and calls into a blog post, it made very little sense out of context.

So instead, I’m trying to process it all, and take advantage of everything I feel, say, hear, taste, worry about, laugh over, remember, forget, etc…as part of this experience. The overwhelming advice I’ve received is: 1) Enjoy the day and pause, repeatedly, to take it all in; and 2) Don’t forget to eat.

Still working on # 1…but # 2 has never really been an issue.

Thank you all for the heartfelt advice, generosity, excitement and love over the past few months. I’ve appreciated every well-wish and bit of advice.



3 thoughts on “T – 72 Hours

  1. Hey Yess! On the morning of my bat mitzvah, the Rabbi leaned across and told me to savor it like a good piece of chocolate, taking slow bites and really enjoying it. So, I pass this advice on to you. It is one of my favorite ways to think about slowing down a moment and really taking it all in! Mazel Tov!

  2. Yeaa!! Good luck and try not to stress the day of of any of the little stuff. Just enjoy the people and you and your hubby 🙂

  3. love and enjoy it all, but most especially stop and take it all in. breathe! have fun. love you and Jim! xxoo

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