learning is painful

Have you ever written an email to several thousand people, from an executive vice president, and accidentally signed your name  instead of his? No, me neither. Until today.

Yeah, that happened.

This is a bad mistake for anyone, but my job is to edit. So it’s that much more embarrassing.

The crawl-under-your-desk-and-eat-a-brownie kind of embarrassing.

I am so thankful to work with leaders who can at least find this humorous. And forgive my pre-wedding fried brain.

Live and learn.


One thought on “learning is painful

  1. You’re ten days short – to the end of freedom — Naw just kidding – really to the beginning of a wonderful journey of marriage – you can be forgiven any “whoops” until then 🙂
    sign me, almost 45 years of wedded bliss 🙂 hugs, Emily

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