I’m Lovin’ It

I’m not sure what most girls do after their final wedding dress fitting, but I felt it was appropriate to go to McDonald’s. The dress was a little big – it was a strategic meal.

I mean, it’s normal for 27-year old girls to get together in Gilbert on Tuesday nights to eat Happy Meals, right?

Erin and I have made a routine of McDonald’s dates since high school. Linds was babysitting her niece and nephew. Together, we were one big, happy family, full of trans fats and grease.

All this fun for under $10. That makes it sort of okay that we eagerly instilled horrible eating habits in these kiddos. But in our defense, we had apple dippers, not just fries.


2 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ It

  1. What a fun time! Elise and Wyatt had a blast. Next time Elise asks that you please “wear your purple or pink heels…like Anut Krissy’s” šŸ™‚ Who wears black heels, anyhow?

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