overshare overture

If you Google, “millenials overshare” you’ll discover a wealth of articles discussing my generation’s tendencies to share every aspect of ourselves with the world. This is nothing new, and often puts me and my peers in a negative light, for not observing traditional communication boundaries. But I don’t necessarily categorize oversharing as a bad thing.

Sure I think it’s strange to see people texting in bathrooms and tweeting about things I wouldn’t choose to broadcast, but I think the advent of social media has helped us more than it’s pained us. The ability to share more, in so many forums, has transformed the world and opened endless doors. And, if nothing else, it’s pretty funny.

I like this quote from The Huffington Post, you can read the whole article here:

And since you’re probably not interested, here are some personal overshares:

I have no qualms about digging through trashcans for items that can be recycled. It feels like a rescue mission for kidnapped bottles and cans.

I don’t like small dogs. Or any cats.

I like cookie dough more than I like cookies. And frosting more than cake.

Good customer service trumps all other shopping variables. When it’s not good, I yelp about it.

Fire drills scare me even when I know they’re planned.

I have complete conversations with my dogs and no part of me doubts they understand.

I use my combination lock from my seventh grade locker at the gym. That $4.50 investment is still kicking after 15 years.

I have always wanted to serve on a jury.




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