this is funny.

The reason I have faith amid all the craziness in life is because of the funny things that happen from time to time.

This summer we discovered that three of my closest girlfriends were in the same sorority at NAU, but never knew each other, because all of them were active during different years.

I happened to set up one of these girlfriends with a nice boy I know. Turns out they went to preschool together.

When I worked for the Governor’s Office we worked closely with a PR agency where I met my wonderful friend Crystal. When I started at PetSmart, she was in the cube next to me. Now she’s working for my boss from the Governor’s Office.

Tonight I drove 20 miles to a Starbucks to meet our wedding DJ and go over paperwork. The table next to us? Also a girl meeting a different DJ about her wedding.

Just got home from the grocery store. The clerk asked about my pet-themed reusable shopping bag. Yes – we both previously worked for PetSmart.

Oh yeah – and our next door neighbors and two of my best girlfriends have the exact same couch as us by complete coincidence.


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