If you choose to watch the video below, I want to warn you that it’s sad. Really sad. You’ll cry. I did too. But it’s kind of a good cry.

This is a beautiful piece that a friend shared today about love for a dog. I don’t care if the non dog lovers out there think I’m nuts. Frankly, I think they’re nuts too.

This video allows me to segue into an issue I’m extremely passionate about – pet adoption over pet purchasing. If it makes you sad to watch this loss of life, pause to think of the 4 million pets that are euthazined every year. Oden lived a long and wonderful life, but many pets don’t get the same chance.

4 million. One every eight seconds.

That is insane.

These pets don’t ask to be born, yet often die at the expense of human selfishness or irresponsibility.

Pass the tissues.


Stats courtesy of ASPCA and HSUS.

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