walking the walk

This was one of the posts that I was running through my head all day – in a million different forms – but now that I’m actually sitting here I somehow have writer’s block. There’s too much to say.

Today I heard Kevin Salwen speak about his book, The Power of Half. It was utterly inspiring and full of valuable lessons. I think everyone can benefit from reading it and contemplating the theme.

The gist is – we all have too much, and want too much, of things that don’t really fulfill us. If we take away half of things, we’ll still have plenty, and will gain more by sharing with others. It doesn’t have to be money, or even tangible things – it can be your time that you give to a greater good. Kevin gave the example of committing to spend three fewer hours surfing the internet every week and instead using that time to call friends, meet your neighbors, volunteer or have quality conversations with your loved ones.

His personal story goes several steps further – at the request of his then 14-year old daughter, the family sold their Atlanta mansion and donated half the profits to a charity. Of course we can’t all do that – but we can all downsize a bit, and work at defining our value by what we do, not what we have.

Read the book. Make a change. Dare you.


2 thoughts on “walking the walk

  1. have This is a great message for all of us. I was fortunate to grown up with two wonderful parental role models who constantly volunteered and supported charities, so doing both has always come naturally to me. I get frustrated listening to so many people I know tell me they’re too busy or too tired or too poor to make even a small donations to charity. I should send copies of this book to all of them!

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