whipped cream and pretzels

The one on the left is a chocolate martini.

The one on the right is a whipped cream martini.

Hang out with me and I will introduce you to all sorts of deliciousness.

You know what goes perfectly with these?

A giant soft pretzel with three kinds of mustard.

Mission accomplished.


this is funny.

The reason I have faith amid all the craziness in life is because of the funny things that happen from time to time.

This summer we discovered that three of my closest girlfriends were in the same sorority at NAU, but never knew each other, because all of them were active during different years.

I happened to set up one of these girlfriends with a nice boy I know. Turns out they went to preschool together.

When I worked for the Governor’s Office we worked closely with a PR agency where I met my wonderful friend Crystal. When I started at PetSmart, she was in the cube next to me. Now she’s working for my boss from the Governor’s Office.

Tonight I drove 20 miles to a Starbucks to meet our wedding DJ and go over paperwork. The table next to us? Also a girl meeting a different DJ about her wedding.

Just got home from the grocery store. The clerk asked about my pet-themed reusable shopping bag. Yes – we both previously worked for PetSmart.

Oh yeah – and our next door neighbors and two of my best girlfriends have the exact same couch as us by complete coincidence.

Dear Erin…

Some times you get inspired to clean out your entire house and redecorate all of it on a Sunday.

And sometimes this leads to the discovery of hysterical artifacts from high school.

Thank you Erin, for this wonderful advice. Seems like you definitely knew what you were talking about.

You are the best friend and maid of honor I could dream of, and I love you to pieces.

bridal shower 2.19.11

I loved every second of my shower. My bridesmaids did an amazing job on every level: food, decor, hostess duties, awkward hysterical games. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time. I am colossally lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life who were able to come celebrate.

My mom surprised me with a KitchenAid mixer. My baking will now rise to a whole new level.

Here are the three AZ bridesmaids

Gal pals from my government days…

And some from my PetSmart days…

More of the ladies..

My realtor-turned-wonderful friend…

The lady behind the camera all day!

Look – presents!

Crate and Barrel is proud to sponsor the 2011 wedding season

so pretty

“Yay, despite the typhoon you still made it!”

Most creative presentation…

Jaida stole the show

Erin, these cookies were so.dang.good.

mixer = YAY!

rehearsal bouquet – still refuse to throw one at the wedding

gift opening anxiety at an all time high

And finally, the binge eating after party…


If you choose to watch the video below, I want to warn you that it’s sad. Really sad. You’ll cry. I did too. But it’s kind of a good cry.

This is a beautiful piece that a friend shared today about love for a dog. I don’t care if the non dog lovers out there think I’m nuts. Frankly, I think they’re nuts too.

This video allows me to segue into an issue I’m extremely passionate about – pet adoption over pet purchasing. If it makes you sad to watch this loss of life, pause to think of the 4 million pets that are euthazined every year. Oden lived a long and wonderful life, but many pets don’t get the same chance.

4 million. One every eight seconds.

That is insane.

These pets don’t ask to be born, yet often die at the expense of human selfishness or irresponsibility.

Pass the tissues.


Stats courtesy of ASPCA and HSUS.