hey girlfriend

The older I get, the more important my girlfriends become. They are my fun, my support, my sounding board and so much more. The past few weeks have been exceedingly entertaining, largely a credit to said girlfriends. Naturally this prompted a list.

The best girlfriend:
1. Tells you to rock skinny jeans when you really don’t have the ideal body for them…c’mon I’m only 5’2”
2. Goes dancing at gay bars with you just because the music is the best.
3. Loves your dogs.
4. Shares meals with you because you’re both broke and prone to over eating.
5. Snuggles.
6. Ends up power walking with you instead of running because you can talk better that way.
7. Addresses your wedding invitations.
8. Doesn’t judge you for cutting your own bangs.
9. Shares co-op produce with you.
10. Calls you at 9 p.m. on a Sunday to tell you a fun theme party idea.
11. Thinks slumber parties are still completely appropriate in your late twenties.
12. Calls you hysterically laughing or crying and no explanation is required (and vice versa).
13. Puts you first.
14. Is always up for wine or nachos. Or both. Always.
15. Will not laugh when your self serve frozen yogurt weighs as much as a small child.
16. Can laugh at you and with you and at herself.
17. Reads your blog.
18. Demonstrates unwavering generosity. Money is no matter between friends.
19. Shares everything (clothes, food, lip gloss, embarrassing stories, dance moves, etc).
20. Tells you when you’re being an idiot. Or selfish. Or crazy.
21. Is there for you – 100 percent of the time.


3 thoughts on “hey girlfriend

  1. Is the picture of me with the lime in my mouth an example of me being there for you?? I would like to think so since the lime must have made the tequila shot better

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