slumber pawty

I will admit that I’ve spent hours wondering what my dogs do all day, alone in the house. I sort of fantasize that they have secret tea parties and dance contests and deep talks about life. Of course, the aforementioned activities would be difficult within the confines of a small metal crate. Nevertheless, I am CONVINCED the pups lead alluring lives of mystery.

Well, I was convinced.

Until I was home sick all week.

And now I’ve come to the conclusion that these two fur bundles spend 58 out of every 60 minutes sound asleep. The two minute intervals of activity are in response to garbage trucks, mail delivery, loud birds and other noises I’ll file under “miscellaneous.”

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. I mean it’s got to be pretty tough to get going without me here to lead the dance parties. And aren’t most animals naturally nocturnal anyway?

At any rate, I remain somewhat shocked that there has been nary a tea party this week. And I refuse to take this lack of activity as a hint that I am, in any way, boring. because I’m not. I just really dislike getting off the couch when I’m sick.

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