When you get the hungries…

…head to EEGEE’S!

To any non-Tucsonans, Eegee’s in an iconic Tucson slushie/grinder chain that has a cult following among locals. Maybe it’s the insane yellow all of them are painted, or the fact that you can order pizza pretzels and ranch fries, but regardless, it’s a culinary phenomenon.

Desert summers are cooled to tolerable temperatures by Eegee’s slushie drinks and iced lemon Teegee’s.

Everyone raised in T-town undoubtedly had a birthday party with a six foot long sub and party pack of strawberry Eegee’s.

Last night my oldest friend made strep throat a little less painful by delivering to me an entire party pack. Half lemon, half strawberry, 100 percent heavenly. It’s about five gallons and it probably won’t last through the weekend.

Thank you Amy. You rock my socks.

PS – check out the ‘Adult Section’ of their website: http://www.eegees.com/menu/adult/

PPS – don’t mind my outfit. I’m sick, ok?


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