last night I…

1. Found out that I have strep  for the first time since elementary school.
2. Let the dogs out before bed and three minutes later Molly came in with a broken toenail and bloody shoulder. No idea how this happened. I think the emergency vet’s receptionist recognizes my voice.
3. Went to pick up my prescriptions at CVS. While I was looking for Tylenol I was approached by a man who asked me why pregnancy tests are so expensive. I told him they were probably cheaper at Target, to which he replied, “Eh, it’s not that important,” and walked out of the store.
4. Ate half a frozen pizza at 9 p.m. (cooked it first).
5. Finished the world’s hardest puzzle (seriously – it didn’t come with a picture). Jim let me put the last piece in, reason # 401,276 I’m marrying him.
6. Played Angry Birds until 11:30.
7. Woke up to a dog licking my face.
8. Shoved an obscene amount of clothing into the washing machine because I was too lazy to sort it.
9. Offered to get Jim a milkshake, because I wanted one, and he said no, greatly upsetting me.
10. Pondered painting the kitchen yellow. Vetoed this idea when I woke up.


2 thoughts on “last night I…

  1. so you have a strep throat and you ant to paint your kitchen yellow??? What drugs are you taking for the throat – i want some. I’m sick too.

  2. “Jim let me put the last piece in, reason # 401, 276 I’m marrying him.”– such a sweet thing for you to say!!!!!

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