“What I Did on my Winter Vacation”

“What I Did on my Winter Vacation”
A photo diary…

Had black and white cookies for Hanukkah

Taught the dogs to light the menorah

Had hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps

Found shapes in clouds

Ate this deliciousness at Lolo’s

Hung with the gang from Napolitano’s office

Discovered etch-able red cups. Pure genius.

Watched Jim learn he’s spelled his middle name wrong his whole life.

Played dancing Wii games with Jim’s 4 year old neice

Completed a 1,000 piece puzzle I received in a white elephant exchange

Made chicken curry stew

Stared at beautiful sunsets

Napped quite a bit

Ate amazing Cuban food

Rang in 2011




*Did not complete any homework or other productive reading.


6 thoughts on ““What I Did on my Winter Vacation”

  1. Now that your dogs can light the menorah, I’ll look forward to having you teach them to recite all three Hanukkah blessings next year.

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