Just saying the word is fun. Snickerdoodle. Like Yankee Doodle only cooler.

If I had a unicorn I’d name him Snickerdoodle.

I like Snickers. And snickering. And doodling.

You get the picture. Whipped these up last night for a cookie exchange at work.

Some people say chocolate and peanut butter is the best combination of flavors. I say it’s cinnamon and sugar. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is not just for children.


3 thoughts on “snicker.doodle.

  1. My friend Dotty’s dog is a cute Shiba Inu named…you guessed it…Snickers! Also known as Snickerdoodles, Snicker the Doodles, Snicki, Nicki and I could go on and on! Bet the cookies were yummy!

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