some thoughts

My parents are absolutely amazing.

I have the best friends ever.

I enjoy going to work. I’ve been at the opposite end of this spectrum (two words: county government) so I can fully appreciate how wonderful this is.

I am getting married in 122 days. Should probably figure out invitations…Mom?

I find there is something infinitely fascinating about penguins. Don’t ask.

Grad school is making me smarter. This is a good thing.

Even Phoenicians need to keep ice scrapers in their cars.

Rawhide is to puppy as pacifier is to baby.

I can still speak Spanish when I really try. Todavia puedo hablar en espanol cuando trato duro. Un milagro, en realidad.

It is important to occasionally get pushed and shoved out of your comfort zone.

Writing in list form never gets old.

Home is where the heart is.

2 thoughts on “some thoughts

  1. When you write your first book, I want a signed copy!! I love your musings! They are right on. Love to you and Jim…Aunt D

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