reality check

Today I went to the chiropractor to get a massage. Because massages are the best thing ever. Besides puppies and ice cream.

I was quickly impressed with my miracle masseuse. In a mere 30 minute session she provided a whopping dose of perspective I was thankful to receive.

Long story short: she’s a 22 year old single mom raising a four year old and a five year old while working two jobs. In the past two years her mother died, her brother went to prison and her sister fled to Mexico to follow a deported husband. You can’t make this stuff up.

Despite what I took to be a lot of stress and burdens, she was cheerful and optimistic. She didn’t utter anything resembling a complaint and instead talked about how much she liked her jobs and what she was saving up for to buy her kids this Christmas.

The office strictly prohibits tips since it’s not allowed in medical practices, so I plan to stop by her other job this week with a random gift. She deserves it.



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