Since Last Thanksgiving


Got engaged.

Completed a year of my MBA program.

Had a sibling move to Singapore.

Started a new job.

Went shopping too often.

Planned a wedding.

Ran a half marathon.

Donated my hair.

Went to a pet blogger conference in Ohio.

Got robbed by Mexican police.

Was in one wedding and attended three.

Watched one of my best friends become a mom.

Toured wine country.

Addressed a terrifying roof rat issue.

Recovered an escaping dog four times.

Learned what an escrow account is. And why I owe money to mine.

Developed stronger faith.

Spent the night in the E.R. while Jim lost his appendix.

Have tried to pick my battles and let more go.

Experimented with vegetarianism.

Road tripped to San Diego and Vegas.

Have been learning to count my blessings and understand what I’m really thankful for.


9 thoughts on “Since Last Thanksgiving

  1. I love this! Here’s mine:

    Since last Thanksgiving, I…

    Graduated with my Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction

    Traveled to Italy

    Hiked the Cinque Terre – probably one of the best adventures of my life

    Mastered way too many cookie recipes

    Became a real runner

    Learned how to cook chicken

    Donated my hair

    Attended the National Lentil Festival

    Was a bridesmaid for the 3rd time (but looking forward to the 4th time the most!)

    Past down famous Tinker recipes

    Began to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin

  2. What a great post! And I’m thankful for many things too…two of them being you and Jim! Have a wonderful TG! Love you!

  3. This was such a wonderful post. It really makes you stop and think about how amazing life is and how much you accomplished! Great job, friend!

    What is on the list for 2011 (besides marriage, obviously 🙂 )

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