Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles (and a kitten)

I’ve wanted to try this place forever and finally got the chance yesterday. I wasn’t expecting much more than an interesting experience, but the food and service were fantastic. Probably the best waffle I’ve ever had, and the fried chicken was incredible. I don’t think we’ll be hungry for several days after consuming a week’s worth of calories in one sitting. But it was worth it.

When we went to leave we discovered a newborn kitten wandering blindly through the parking lot. I am not a cat person, at all, but my heartstrings were aching for this little thing – it was barely the size of my hand. I sighed, and went to leave, but then realized I’d probably cry later if I kept thinking about it out in the cold. I made Jim pull over as I called the Humane Society.

I (foolishly) thought that they’d be able to come pick it up, but I guess they don’t offer roadside assistance. They told us to take it to a local emergency vet who would treat it free of charge. I told the operator that this cat looked so awful I was afraid to come into contact with it, to which she replied, “the only thing you could catch from it is ringworm.” I’m not eager to catch ringworm. I also wasn’t really in the market for rabies.

Nevertheless, I grabbed a towel and swooped up the kitten. It looked like it’s eyes had been gouged out and was pretty disgusting. The occasional mew was the only way we knew it was still alive. We ended up taking it all the way to the south Phoenix Humane Society where a vet tech was immediately paged.

His reaction: “OH MY WORD!” He said it might still have eyes but had such a bad infection he couldn’t tell. Shudder.

It was bad. I don’t know if the little thing will make it, but karma can’t help but reward us on this one. Warning, photos below are pretty gross.


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