A few weeks ago we went to Ben and Katie’s house for a birthday party. I was a big fan of the refreshments – smore’s and hot cider. Made for a perfect fall night, which is hard to come by in Arizona. I guess I must’ve raved about the experience a bit much. Because when I came home from work yesterday, Jim had built a firepit in our backyard, so that I could have smore’s ANY TIME I WANT!

Happy girl.

Happy not only for the smore’s accessibility, but also for the fact that neither human nor dog was harmed by the large flames in our backyard.

Dessert is the most important part of any meal. Actually, it’s really the most important part of life. But just so you know I don’t exist on processed sugar alone, here’s what Jim made for dinner…complete with a homemade marinade.

And yes, apparently I’m eating meat again.


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