boo flu

I like being healthy. I obsess over it. So when work offered free flu shots, I was first in line. (Actually, I was second. Some freak beat me).

Signed my life away on a waiver…No, I don’t have a clotting disease, no, I have never had a bad reaction to a flu shot…This would be cake.

Got my shot. Got my Tazmanian devil cartoon bandaid. Ready for a day o’ work. Check. Check. Check.

Around 1 p.m. I started to feel tired. This is not a shock. But I was really tired. Horse tranquilizer tired.

An hour later I started to freeze. Teeth chattering, shaking, brr cold. But – my office is typically in the 60’s so this too felt normal. For a while. Then the coldness got the best of me and I wandered staggered outside to defrost in the sun.

At that point I was feeling pretty dizzy. And my vision was blacking out a bit.

Could it be my flu shot? Maybe. But after convincing all my coworkers to get them, I wasn’t about to be the weenie who couldn’t handle it.

I made it back up to my desk and promptly informed my coworkers I was about to faint. Sat with my head down for an hour. Drank a Sprite. And then decided I should get home before it got worse.

I had a 102 fever when I got home. And a monster headache. Jim gave me Tylenol while I forced him to google ‘adverse flu shot reaction.’ Because you can never be too careful you know.

Turns out this is a NORMAL reaction. What? So basically I got two weeks worth of the flu within a span of three hours.

I felt fine within 30 minutes of taking Tylenol, but I probably won’t be first in line next year. Yuck.

*Katie, if you’re reading this, yes – I’ve joined the dark side of vaccinations!

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