Bruno and the vet

Ah, a familiar theme. Serves me right for commenting last week that it had been six months since Bruno had been to the vet. A record in his 21-month life. This dog is beyond accident prone and troublesome – to the extent that the entire staff at the vet’s office knows him by name.

A lot of his escapades are documented in this blog:

Flying Dog

Broken Paw

Sick Puppy

But there really have been too many to count. And recount. Which leads us to today.

As Jim and I were about to go out to breakfast, Jim was petting Bruno when he (Bruno) let out a yelp and Jim realized his hands had blood on them. We realized he had somehow gotten a big gash on his side. It was pretty deep and I knew that we would be trading pancake plans for a morning at Banfield.

Refusing to believe we’re leaving him here.

It doesn’t look that bad here, the fur’s covering it. Just wait.

Very sedated on the way home. Drool everywhere.

End result – he’s resilient as ever, but it took $325 to stitch him back up and drug him into peace. Poor puppy.

I know people think it’s ridiculous to spend this kind of money on dogs. I know. But A) this is nothing compared to previous vet bills to fix broken paw and extract half-digested Halloween wig, and B) I love this dog. Too much. I’d do anything for him.

Even if he does cost more than a bachelor’s degree.


2 thoughts on “Bruno and the vet

  1. … I have no words. How the heck did it happen?

    Bruno! Stop costing your parents so much, but I am glad you are OK. Jeeze. You really need to write a book about this dog.

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