The Great Chicago Trip of 2010

Good friends are hard to find. We’re lucky to have the best friends ever. They’re more than friends – they’re family. We rally hard for each other, especially at weddings. Congrats Jennelle and Tim, here are some of my faves from the weekend:

The Most Entertaining quote from the trip:

“Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with the fact that we act exactly the same way we did ten years ago? Is it our generation, or just us?”


the couple who votes together

…gets overwhelmed together.

Seriously. This was a lot of work.

I got serious ADD in the middle of this. We hung on pretty well through the propositions and state officials, but then there were so.many.judges.

Fun fact: When I accepted my job at Governor Napolitano’s Office it was the first week of October in 2006. She was up for re-election two weeks later. Had she lost, I would’ve been out of a job. Talk about blind faith.

Bruno was semi interested; Molly, not so much.

boo flu

I like being healthy. I obsess over it. So when work offered free flu shots, I was first in line. (Actually, I was second. Some freak beat me).

Signed my life away on a waiver…No, I don’t have a clotting disease, no, I have never had a bad reaction to a flu shot…This would be cake.

Got my shot. Got my Tazmanian devil cartoon bandaid. Ready for a day o’ work. Check. Check. Check.

Around 1 p.m. I started to feel tired. This is not a shock. But I was really tired. Horse tranquilizer tired.

An hour later I started to freeze. Teeth chattering, shaking, brr cold. But – my office is typically in the 60’s so this too felt normal. For a while. Then the coldness got the best of me and I wandered staggered outside to defrost in the sun.

At that point I was feeling pretty dizzy. And my vision was blacking out a bit.

Could it be my flu shot? Maybe. But after convincing all my coworkers to get them, I wasn’t about to be the weenie who couldn’t handle it.

I made it back up to my desk and promptly informed my coworkers I was about to faint. Sat with my head down for an hour. Drank a Sprite. And then decided I should get home before it got worse.

I had a 102 fever when I got home. And a monster headache. Jim gave me Tylenol while I forced him to google ‘adverse flu shot reaction.’ Because you can never be too careful you know.

Turns out this is a NORMAL reaction. What? So basically I got two weeks worth of the flu within a span of three hours.

I felt fine within 30 minutes of taking Tylenol, but I probably won’t be first in line next year. Yuck.

*Katie, if you’re reading this, yes – I’ve joined the dark side of vaccinations!

a small, sparkling cupcake


Why is Jim holding a tiny cupcake covered in glitter? Well, that’s an interesting story.

I am a Yelp Elite member, which means that I write enough smarmy reviews of local businesses that I (and my +1) get invited to all kinds of random events with free food/drinks. Clearly the free food is the draw.

This week we went to a neighborhood art gallery where we were served from local restaurants and and vendors…hence, the mini pastries.

This particular event featured, surprise! A burlesque show. Normal. I also won a raffle prize: four tickets to the Arizona Taco Festival this weekend.

I enjoy the complete absurdity of all this, and am stoked for taco-palooza tomorrow.