tasty treats for us to eat

Wedding planning continued last night with our first cake tasting appointment. I gave it some serious thought, and had to give cake tasting the # 2 ‘Most Fun Activity’ award after dress shopping. It was a close race, but getting to feel like a princess really has its advantages.

However – I think this holds the # 1 spot for Jim. He didn’t get to go dress shopping. In fact, he’s not really a fan of wearing dresses at all, so the princess thing wasn’t big in his mind.

We’re using a smaller, local bakery that our venue works with. The owner is a Vietnamese man named David who has been doing this for over 20 years. He was able to hand sketch our cake by our description. No pictures, and he got it right on the first try. In about 30 seconds.

When we arrived we were each given a plate of different cakes to try and then left to ourselves. We’ve been to a fair amount of wine tastings but weren’t certain of cake tasting protocol. I certainly hoped we weren’t expected to taste and spit. That would be a sad, sad waste of cake.

It was all really good. It’s hard to choose just a few tiers when ideally we’d have about 17. But I guess that would just be challenging to transport…

My lips are sealed on details of the final design and flavors. But it’s going to be delicious. So please come to the wedding and try it.

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