sweet potato fries with marshmallows


Jim made them. The marshmallows kinda charred and set off the smoke detector. But it’s the thought that counts.


21 days. go.

My entire team at work went to an all day training yesterday that focused on emotional intelligence. We learned where we naturally excel, and the areas where we’re more vulnerable. I’m not embellishing; they really use the word vulnerable to describe where you’re not so adept.

It was a great training, and I can definitely see how it will help the team work together more effectively.

“Oh. So that’s why you react like XX whenever I ask you to XX.”

At the end of the day, through a series of steps, we were all asked to make a verbal pledge and sign a contract, committing to a 21-day action plan that will help us strengthen ourselves in one area. It was somewhat AA-esque but also makes you verrrryyyy accountable. We’re all buddied-up with partners and have meetings every other day to make sure we’re staying on track. For 21 days we must complete the same action daily, in the hopes it helps modify our behaviors in a positive way.

It’s a lot to explain…but here’s a summary from the website:

Today’s business news on budget cuts, layoffs, bankruptcies and job uncertainty is increasing at an alarming rate. Not surprisingly, employee stress is at an all time high, and employee satisfaction and motivation are on a downward spiral. These conditions not only affect employee morale, but healthcare costs, stress claims and absenteeism – all of which adversely impact productivity and profitability. In fact, these conditions can put a company out of business.

Now there’s a new and proven program that improves employee motivation and helps employees take control of their stress. Essi Systems’ 21 Day Club is the premier online stress assessment and behavior change program that guides employees through a step-by-step process to create new healthy behaviors, achieve professional and personal goals, and be productive with fewer resources.

Give your employees what they need to master stress. New behaviors can be developed in as little as five minutes a day to create habits that are lasting and automatic. It’s 100% effective, and that means a resilient workforce and a strong business.

As part of my pledge to improve my outlook, I have to make a daily list of at least five things that went well each day. This is reminiscent of childhood, where my dad asked us to tell him three highlights of our days before we went to bed.

I’m curious to see if I’ll feel an different in 21 days. I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat with anticipation, but don’t worry, I’ll provide updates.

wasting time in elevators

I estimate that I’m in an elevator about four minutes a day, five days a week. That’s roughly 20 minutes a week and over an hour a month.

That means I spend 16 hours a year standing in an elevator. Which is the lamest thing I’ve learned about myself in a long time.

This utter waste of time has, however, qualified me to provide several astute observations about how people behave in elevators. Here’s a rundown of the most common personalities I’ve identified:

The Recluse: Darts into elevator while staring at the floor. Sulks in the back, and then exits in similar stealthy fashion. May be found texting during travel and listening to iPod.

The Host: Greets everyone gregariously and demands to push the button for their floor. Makes random comments to no one in particular that others must politely smile at while feeling entirely awkward. Tells everyone to have a good day. If it’s Friday, everyone receives wishes for a good weekend.

The Elitist: Enters on the phone and doesn’t use an inside voice. Makes a show of pressing the button for her floor, as if it’s a tough decision, before resuming cell phone conversation and avoiding eye contact. Often found carrying expensive purse and Starbucks. Clearly the Alpha of the group.

The Misfit: “One of these things is not like the others.” Everyday it’s someone new, but there’s always one person who just doesn’t seem to fit in with everyone else. Maybe it’s the girl who’s dressed in 5 inch heels and stage make up. Or the person who decided that shorts are now business-casual.

At least it’s an interesting waste of time.


I’ve been working full time to keep my basil plant alive. This plant is a high maintenance diva with very fickle tastes. But…it made for delicious pesto.

grapeseed oil
fresh parmesan
3 garlic cloves

put in food processor

engagement pics

I’ve been stalking Heather for years and was SO so so excited to have her take our engagement pics. And to learn she is the same Heather who was a host on my favorite radio show circa 2007. Talk about having an awkward dorky fan moment when you realize that someone is, indeed, another person. Here are some of my faves. Love them!