karma tried to bite me in the hand.

I’m a big believer in karma. I often find myself acting in a certain way, or doing specific actions with the notion of karma in mind. It’s as if the karma police are a real entity and not just a completely depressing Radiohead song. Treat others unfairly and they’ll lock you up in the moral slammer.

Needless to say, when we ran into a dog running down our street yesterday, my rescue instincts kicked into high gear. Bruno has had several recent escapes (that we hope to have quelled) and I’ve been incredibly grateful to all those who have helped retrieve him and keep him safe. It was only fitting that I do everything possible to save this dog.

I spotted him coming back from lunch with Nicki and Lisa. Lisa and I (crazy dog people) began trying to coax the mini dachshund out of the road while Nicki parked the car.

This little guy was a spitfire and highly unfriendly. He wouldn’t let us get more than two feet from him and was barking his little head off the whole time. He snapped at me when I moved too close and refused any treats we offered.

I literally have never been around such an obnoxious little brat of a dog.

As we herded him toward a nearby house it dawned on me that this was our nextdoor neighbor’s dog. They weren’t home so we continued trying to shuttle him back into their yard. It also dawned on me that humans herding a dog is completely backwards in nature.

Ten minutes go by. Then twenty. This little ass refused to go back to his home. At this point we’re sweaty and frustrated but fully committed.

A few minutes more and we get him back in the yard. Success!

But it was short lived. He scampered right back out under a hole in the fence.

At this point I wanted a tranquilizer gun and a potato sack, but we improvised with our hands and angry voices. We got him back in and Lisa shoved a stone tile in front of the hole. Mission accomplished.

I wrote our neighbors a note about the incident and as I walked it over they pulled into the driveway just in time to make me look like a creepy stalker hanging out in their yard.

I retold our saga of woe and anticipated a glorious response. Instead, neighbor man seemed largely annoyed and not super interested in rewarding me with a medal or roses as I had suspected he would.

Oh well. I still felt good about what we did and knew I would’ve done it again in a heartbeat. It was comforting to remember that when I had reclaimed Bruno from (different) neighbors I thanked them as though they had given me an Oscar.

2 thoughts on “karma tried to bite me in the hand.

  1. How annoying that the neighbor seemed to care less! Maybe he didn’t like his dog either and dug the hole himself so his dog would escape in hopes he wouldn’t come back..

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