Flying Dog – part deux

A few months ago I chronicled Bruno’s attempts to jump into our neighbor’s yard. We solved that little issue and for the past few months we’ve been in the clear with doggie drama. I should’ve known it was only a matter of time until it reared it’s ugly head again.

Last Thursday I got a call from Jim who was also at work. My cell phone was on silent and I hadn’t heard our neighbor calling to tell us he’d found Bruno. Fortunately Jim answered, and the neighbor spotted and housed him (bless you dog-friendly people). Thankfully, Bruno was totally unharmed. Ironically, I’d just gotten both dogs new ID tags the week prior, so our neighbor had both our numbers and our address.

I rushed home from work to claim my delinquent pup and decided that from now on he could only go outside under supervision.

We began exploring fencing option to contain our leaper and decided on a method where we wired the top of our wall, and put a special box on Bruno’s collar so when he tried to flee he’d get shocked, and theoretically retreat.

This method seemed to work for a few days, but when we got home on Easter after being out for about six hours, Bruno was nowhere to be found. Not a good feeling. It was 6:30 and starting to get dark so Jim and I immediately set out in separate directions. He biked east and I went west on foot. I started out at the house he’d run to earlier in the week. Our neighbors were sympathetic but hadn’t seen him. Choking back tears I continued wandering and questioning neighbors.

About ten minutes later Jim called; he’d found Bruno running near a very busy street. He was happy as a clam, likely reflecting on the best day of his life! He was soaking wet and filthy but joyful as always. His expression was sort of like, “What? I was just doing my thing…”.

Ok. enough.

We started putting him inside in his crate any time we left the house. I’ve been looking into different fencing options – fortunately we were able to get a refund on the first system – and hopefully we’ll have something figured out soon.

In the mean time, we witnessed escape number three. I was driving home this evening from some errands after work and saw a dog galloping down the road. My initial reaction was that it was finally my turn to return good karma and save someone else’s dog. Oh no. As I got closer I noticed this dog had a tail just like Bruno. In fact, it WAS Bruno.

I slammed on my breaks and bolted out of my car after him. Bruno’s very bad about coming when he’s called, but I’ve learned that by screaming at him, he gets scared and lays down, and I can pounce on him. I shoved him in the car and headed home. He’d made such a swift getaway that Jim hadn’t had a chance to notice his absence.

This dog certainly has nine, (or ninety) lives. I’m not taking our good luck for granted to recover him three times completely unscathed. We’re working at being as vigilent as possible and are crossing our fingers the fence modifications don’t cost us a fortune.

He’s lucky he’s so darn cute.


4 thoughts on “Flying Dog – part deux

  1. I cannot believe the Bruno stories, and what an escape artist he is. I can just imagine how horrified you were when you happened to see him along the road–meanwhile assuming he is at home taking a nap!!! Bruno is one adventuresome dog. I always thought that dogs usually hunkered down and rested when their owners weren’t home. NOT Bruno!!!!! Thanks for the stories, and good luck to you and Jim on fencing Bruno in.

  2. Dear Jessica, He is darn cute and I would be in the same chocking-back- throat-lump state had my doggie escaped. Having watched a speeding truck tear down our street and hit my big lab, Tucker, knocking him 150 ft. down the road I am terrified of dogs getting lose onto streets – busy or not, they are death traps. (Tucker survived but was badly bruised) I was hysterical. I hope you can find a way to keep them inside the wall and not out. Paladin has discovered jumping up on the tables in the yard and wandering around like king of the mountain. I bet he could jump our 6 ft. fence if he really wanted!!! Good luck!! ~Em

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