Talking Shop

So I have some really wild news.

I bought two cardigans tonight at Old Navy.

The catch?

This is probably the third time in as many years that I’ve gone to a regular retail establishment and paid full price for something. I can’t help it, I’m a fanatical bargain shopper. No matter where I go the killer deals seem to find me. My lapse in consistency tonight resulted from pure desperation. Arizonans have a very limited window to buy anything other than shorts and bathing suits, and I’ve been on a hunt for cardigans for-ev-er. I saw them and pounced. And then became inspired to write this post.

I don’t know when this affliction first set in, and by affliction I’m referencing the inability to pay full price for anything. It’s mostly a good thing, although anything can become problematic if left to its own devices (example: it’s never okay to blow off your budget, regardless of how drastically things are discounted – not that I’ve ever done this…).

This method of shopping hasn’t left me without an abundance of nice things (at least I think I have nice things). I’ve purchased plenty of items that were once absurdly priced for a mere fraction of the original cost. It’s taken years to fine tune the best places, times of year and methods for this type of shopping and my adventures have taken me to all kinds of strange lands. I’ve visited Warehouse denim sales in junior high school cafeterias, perused countless ebay listings, explored haunted estate sales and wandered through Last Chance amid psychotic mobs. Speaking of Last Chance (which I can’t link to because Nordstrom refuses to acknowledge its ugly stepchild), this is most certainly a place to check out if you have a lot of patience, endurance and no qualms about group fitting rooms. You have to maintain low expectations, and you can’t look for anything too specific, but when you do find something great you’ll likely get it for $6.

Moral of the story? If you cut corners on non-essentials, it’s not only an entertaining experience, it allows for wild spending when absolutely necessary, like an appendectomy or pest control.

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