Phoenix VNSA Book Sale

I’ve  heard rave reviews of this sale, but always seemed to have a conflict with the dates; it’s held one weekend each year close to Valentine’s Day. This year I made it a priority to get to the sale with my mom.

I come from a family of big readers, and have attended my fair share of used book sales, but this one is in a class by itself.

I took the two photos below at the same time, one looking right, one looking left, to try to capture the magnitude of this event, but you really have to see for yourself to understand how huge it is.

We spent about an hour here, and probably could have been there all day had we brought luggage to schlep around everything we were finding.

Mom got a bunch of paperbacks and I found 12 books – mostly newish and many hardcover.

This event is free to enter, minus 10 bucks for parking, but all proceeds go to charity.

Did I mention that we got 17 books for $23?

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