sweet potato fries

As much as I love the potato, surely my favorite vegetable, I have to give props to it’s slightly yellower cousins, the yam and the sweet potato. While French fries are surely a life changing addition to one’s pallate, sweet potato fries are that much better.

Ironically, what seems like a healthy trend in snack foods was first introduced to me at bars. Indeed – back in the day, sweet potato fries were a blessing come 2 a.m. The first place I ever saw these was Mickey’s Hangover in Old Town Scottsdale, a home away from home circa 2004 that is sadly no longer with us.

At any rate, soon after my initial discovery, these babies were popping up everywhere. Literally – restaurants were furiously competing with each other to find new and improved ways to oil and fry the sweet potato.

Mickey’s did seem to take the cake by offering a marshmallow dipping sauce (think sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving), but I’ve also enjoyed fantastic SPF at FEZ, Delux and The Vig.  Heck, even the cafe at work offers them.

Needless to say, I was psyched that today’s episode of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee featured a simple way to make these at home. I was home sick today, hence the customary overdosing on Food Network. If I ever was to get a cooking show, it would be the same variety as Semi-Homemade, only it would be called “Semi-Original,” as my forte is reading recipes then putting my own twist on them.

Sandra’s recipe is located here, but here’s what I did:

• Wash two sweet potatoes (I used yams – still not sold on the differences)
• Chop into fry-size pieces
• Put in a bowl and sprinkle with vegetable oil, salt, sugar and cinnamon
• Lay on a foil-covered baking sheet
• Bake at 400° for 35 minutes

We’re kind of on a spinach kick so I sauteed some to go with this and our salmon.

Salmon marinade includes:

• Quarter cup of teriyaki sauce
• Quarter cup of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing
• Juice from half one lime
• Two spoonfuls of dijon mustard
• Sprinkling of Ginger


One thought on “sweet potato fries

  1. Ok, I am so glad you shared this because I attempted to make sweet potato fries a couple months ago and they were a mushy mess. Can’t wait to give it another try!

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