I have short hair.

Back in July I decided I wanted to grow out my hair and donate it. I was terrified to commit to the 10 inches that Locks of Love requires, but Anna was kind enough to inform me that Pantene Beautiful Lengths only requires eight inches and they make wigs for women with cancer. Eight inches? I can manage that.

I didn’t envision at the time that growing out enough hair so that you can chop it off and not look like a mutant is harder than it sounds.

Toward the end of this journey I started to feel like a horse, and I had a complete lack of style to my hair. Over the last few months I’d been paying 10 bucks for a trim at Great Clips instead of visiting my wonderful hair dresser, Shelby at Mood Swings. I couldn’t rationalize shelling out $55 a for a haircut that was just going to be hacked off.

Tonight I gave in and made the chop. I ended up losing about nine inches that I’ll mail off to Pantene this weekend.

I read it takes the hair of six people to make one wig, so if anyone out there wants to jump on this bandwagon, maybe our hair can retire together?

A dramatic change, but nothing compared to a woman facing cancer.

6 thoughts on “I have short hair.

  1. You look fantastic, and I’m so happy that you’ve done such a great thing. I had no idea it took so much… Adam and I were just talking about it and I’m humbled to hear what a challenge it is.

    Hooray for you!

  2. Thank you.
    I have a pony tail on my station right now. I wasn’t aware that you can send them to Pantene, I always send them to Locks of Love. again THANK YOU

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