The reality of getting older: frozen yogurt

In college, going out was a big, huge, giant deal. It didn’t matter where you went or who accompanied you, as long as you were out. I distinctly remember rearranging my class schedule my senior year at ASU so that I didn’t have class on Fridays, because that meant one more night of going out. In retrospect, the time my girlfriends and I spent deciding where we’d go, who would come with us and what we’d wear could likely have been put toward a more noble cause, but at the time, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

All of this gradually begins to change when you get older, finish school, start a real job and begin to become an adult. I tried to avoid the transformation for a few years after college, but soon learned that it was nearly impossible to maintain the best of both worlds.

That said, it wasn’t that the desire to go out had diminished; it was just too difficult to drink and stay out until 2 a.m. and function at a job the next day. What a tremendous rite of passage that realization was. Still makes me shudder just a little.

As I continue to – dare I say – mature? My girlfriends and I have realized that we can in fact get together and have fun but it doesn’t need to involve alcohol, and it doesn’t have to be a late night. We’ve taken to having lots of barbecues and started hosting wine nights at our place. Oh and I can’t forget to give a shout out to my favorite non-bar outing: bless you, trendy frozen yogurt shops, for giving girls in their mid-twenties a place to venture out to when we need interaction.

Last week I met Katie and Ben at MoJo Frozen Yogurt at the Biltmore. Also last week I met Nicki at Mojo on Mill Ave while our boyfriends walked down the street to get a beer (starting to see the trend)?

When Nicki and I finished our yogurt* we left to meet the boys at the bar they were at, which couldn’t have seemed like a more inappropriate fit. We were dressed in frumpy cold weather clothes and were all-in-all not prepared for the barrage of scantily clad women, behemoth bouncers, blasting music and free shots.

Nevertheless, we were troopers, and took those Bacardi Blueberry shots like a college sophomore. Getting older isn’t a bad thing, just an adjustment.

*Mojo has a sign that says their yogurt is certified gluten free, magic to Nicki’s ears. However, when she inquired if even the cookie flavor was gluten free, the girl working behind he counter responded, “Gluten’s the same thing as fat, right?” Nicki made sure to stay clear of any questionable flavors.

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