Thai Coconut Curry

We love Thai food in this house. Sometimes we’re bold enough to experiment with making our own. Tonight was a success, and so simple:

We cooked some onions and mushrooms in a skillet and added frozen green beans. I suppose you could add any veggies you like.

Next we added a jar of Thai red curry sauce (we got it at Safeway) and a can of light coconut milk from Trader Joes. Season as you wish with chili powder and garlic.

Add some cooked chicken and serve over rice. Delicious.


2 thoughts on “Thai Coconut Curry

  1. We love thai too- you should get the Thai Curry paste. I believe it is the same brand and comes in red and green. Then you just use a spoonful or 2 with a can of coconut milk and a little brown sugar or whatever it says on the back of the can and voila. So good. We put chicken, peppers, carrots, peas and we love it and its so easy.

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