How to ground a flying dog:

When we moved into our house last year the backyard was closed in with a chainlink fence. We wanted a more secure fence for our dogs (and ourselves) so we had a masonry company come put in a six foot tall block wall. Up until two weeks ago this seemed to do the trick in containing the pups.

Our surprise came two weekends ago when we heard Bruno barking like crazy at the neighbors dogs. This is not a strange occurance, but he sounded different (yes I can decipher dog barks like Cesar Milan, amazing, I know). We decided to investigate.

Turns out the little guy can now leap onto the top of the wall and hang there to get a better view into our neighbors yard. That’s right – my dog is a peeping Tom. This photo isn’t him, I found it online, but it’s exactly what we saw:

After recovering from our initial shock we immediately scolded him and saw that from jumping up on the wall he was cutting himself up pretty badly. A little home first aid did the trick but I was terrified that he’d take his newfound jumping skills and get all the way over the wall. I don’t imagine our neighbors dogs would be all that pleased with a strange collie plummeting into their turf.

I turned to Google for help – my trusted advisor on all strange situations, and we got some great ideas on ways to modify our fence that wouldn’t leave it looking like a penitentiary. I opted for fence modification over any sort of electric collar or underground fencing in that Bruno would likely find a way to get around this system or hurt himself – he’s rather accident prone. I was floored at hoe much info’s available on modifying fences to keep dogs from jumping. I took comfort in the fact that my little hurdler wasn’t alone in his plight to escape. This site was particularly helpful:

It took a lot of trips to Home Depot and a day’s worth of work but we found a way to contain our dog. We affixed wire (similar to chicken wire) as almost a rim to the side of the fence he was jumping onto. Cross your fingers – but it’s been a week and he’s still grounded. Now if only I could find a vine to grow along the wire and make it prettier…


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