Fuego Bistro

It’s rare to discover a restaurant on a whim that exceeds all of your expectations, but tonight we succeeded.

I tend to spontaneously buy any Groupon that’s close to the house, and jumped on one for Fuego Bistro last month. I paid $10 for a $30 credit. I remain obsessed with Groupon, but that’s really for another post.

I’m glad we looked this place up before we headed out because we never would have found it. That’s part of the appeal for me – it had immediate hidden gem potential, provided that the food, service and ambiance were all high quality. We eventually located it next to a ballet studio and walked in through the beautiful courtyard. I have a thing for eating outside, and it was beautifully lit, although even with space heaters I chickend out at the idea of eating outside in January.

There are only about eight tables inside alongside an impressive bar. Out hostess and server were both outgoing and pleasant. Jim was excited with the extensive drink menu, and chose one of their specialty mojitos. The have over 90 kinds of rum which means very little to me, but was fascinating for my other half.

We shared the special appetizer of the evening: three mini tostadas topped with organic black beans, pickled cabbage homemade salsa and a chipotle cream sauce. Fabulous.

For my entree I ordered a chicken dish that featured a chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, apricots, shrimp, spinach and crimini mushrooms. The sides I picked were twice baked chipotle mashed potatoes – which were amazing, and green beans – also amazing. I’m starting to sound like the YouTube parody of wedding vows: “Amanda, you always say things are amazing because you have no other words in your vocabulary…”

Jim ordered the slow roasted pork and the mashed potatoes but also got their green chile creamed corn, it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. If you’ve ever wondered what you’d take with you if banished to a desert island, I suggest you take a heaping serving of this corn.

I can’t say enough good things about this place, it’s likely to become one of our go-to places, especially considering we can bike to it.


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