Peter Bregman

My brother has a mancrush on Peter Bregman. Yeah bro, I just called you out. 
To the untrained eye PB may look like just a regular guy, but dig deeper and you’ll discover that he is so much more. Take a closer look at Mr. Bregman and you’ll see that he is the epitome of cool. He exudes charisma. He bleeds authenticity.

Dan’s been pushing this guys writing and business blog on anyone who’ll listen, and for a while, I ignored it as a fleeting soapbox. When the enthusiasm refused to wane, I finally took the plunge and checked out some of his stuff. It’s fantastic. I’m drinking the PB Kool-Aid. Cheers, Dan.

The guy is a brilliant professional. His weekly blog discusses common workplace obstacles in an effort to simplify and resolve them. His writing style is so humble and authentic that it’s hard not to relate to him. The irony is that all of his business advice can also be applied to ordinary person to person situations.

Check out his work when you have a chance, it’ll wow you. I have to believe that this is not the only time I’ll be giving a shout out to PB in this blog. Just tonight I found my self fist bumping the air after he summarized an idea I’ve always believed in:

Anyone can do anything as long as three conditions exist:

  1. You want to achieve it
  2. You believe you can achieve it
  3. You enjoy trying to achieve it

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