yard sales

Sometimes I get the urge to go to yard sales for no reason at all. One such urge presented itself this weekend and this time I had a partner in crime since Bailey agreed to accompany me. It takes a true friend to wake up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to go dig through strangers’ crap with you.

Our first stop was an estate sale in Paradise Valley I found on craigslist. We arrived just as it started at 7 and were immediately spooked by the house. It was in one of the most affluent areas I’ve ever seen in AZ – McMansions to the max. It was easily a 12,000 square foot home that had suffered severe fire damage.

The women running the sale weren’t especially friendly, but we chose to ignore them. We wandered through the massive estate and marveled at the unique layout and decorations. There was tons of furniture and art for sale, all still costing hundreds of dollars. There were six foot tall tribal statues and giant gongs and drums. The house was, needless to say, completely spooky. very fitting for Halloween morning. My only find was a pair of gorgeous blue glass candlesticks for $8.

We left the eeriness and went to about ten more sales. At some we were very successful; others were  just a display of trash that should have been donated or thrown out to save everyone’s time. Bailey scored a Cole Haan purse and wallet set that was originally over $500 for $30, as well as an antique camera and some other odds and ends.

We learned throughout the day that neon posters advertising a “HUGE SALE” often translated to mean ‘LOTS OF TRASH;” depending on the neighborhood. It was definitely an adventure. The most interesting two items we saw all day were 1. a box of tubes of personal lubricant and 2. one Dior boot with no mate.


One thought on “yard sales

  1. I'm still sad we didn't stop by the "huge sale" that had hundreds of boxes of plastic bags…Maybe next time! I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one! Thanks for helping me score some great pieces!

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