Matt’s Big Breakfast

Jim and I had always wanted to try this place out, especially after it gained fame on The Travel Channel. It’s a literal hole in the wall in downtown Phoenix that’s known for fabulous breakfast and endless waits.

Matt’s Big Breakfast on N. First St. is a popular diner that serves heaping plates of Chop and Chick (pork chops and eggs). A local favorite, the small dining room fills up fast causing a line of early birds to pour out onto the street.” – the Travel Channel

Everything about this place could be described as, well, cute. The yellow door, tiny juice glasses with roosters on them, vintage art on the walls, even the waitress aprons.

Jim ordered the special; a concoction of eggs, hasbrowns and Andouille sausage in a hearty sauce. I opted for the waffle that came with A. the best butter I’ve ever had and B. some bacon.

The service was lightening fast once we were seated and the food was tasty. My waffle was by far the winner of our two entrees.

Would I wait an hour to eat here again? Doubtful. Am I glad I got to experience it? Very.


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