beer olympics

This post is a little belated, like four months or so, but better late than never (Jared).

This summer was the first time I attended the annual Beer Olympics hosted by our friends Jared and Katie. What does this consist of? A lot of beer, backyard games and stiff competition.

To start the event, about 25 of us were divided into pairs by drawing names out of a hat. Ironically, I ended up with Jared, and Katie ended up with Jim. We took turns at a variety of events:

Ladder Ball                                                    Beer Pong

Bag Toss

There was also a maddening game where you toss a hook that’s hanging off the roof by a string, and try to get it to loop around a nail on a wall. Maddening I tell you. We also had an event where we were throwing a frisbee at a tiki torch, trying to knock a beer off the top of it. We continued through multiple rounds and gradually eliminations brought it down to four teams for finals.

All in all it was a dang good time. Did I mention that the winners would take home the worlds most amazing (and eclectic) trophy?


That’s right. Jared and I were the overall winners! Champions do it right. Looking forward to retaining my title next year!


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