book worm

Tonight I was at my neighborhood book club. Let me fend off sounding like a complete nerd by explaining that this is a monthly opportunity to gather with neighborhood women, eat delicious food, have a fair amount of wine, and maybe (just maybe) talk about a book for a few minutes. We all have good intentions to read the books, but sometimes life gets in the way. At any rate, it’s fabulous company that I look forward to each month.

There’s something about being surrounded by different generations of women that really feeds the soul.

I’ve always loved reading, and it’s interesting to have a generally solitary activity morph into a boisterous social event. We have no theme for the books we choose; it’s merely the thread that laces together our gatherings.

In case anyone’s looking for some good reads, here are our latest picks:

1. The Book Thief

2. The Wednesday Sisters

3. The Great Gatsby

4. Julie and Julie

5. The Keeper

I enjoyed them all, minus # 2, and haven’t started # 5.


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