Everyone’s got their quirks, right? This week we discovered one of Bruno’s that had previously remained dormant. We realized that any time Bruno hears someone make a blowing noise, e.g. blowing out a candle, blowing dust off a surface, etc, he goes completely ballistic.

We’ve started a new game with him where make the noise and he’ll bark and run in circles then come back to us and wait patiently for the noise again. Sometimes he gets carried away with anticipation and bolts out of the house into the backyard.

It’s all fun and games until someone sprains an ankle.

Last night I was sitting on the bed petting Bruno when Jim walked in and made the magical poof sound. Bruno was completely caught off guard. Here’s what happened next, if only we had this on video:

Jim makes noise.
Bruno levitates, kicking me in the face.
I’m sent toppling over the edge of the bed.
My ankle (aka my weakest link) twists.
Jim feels really bad.
Bruno still wants to play the game.
All laugh hysterically.

Anyone who was with me during the horrific dual ankle sprains of 2007 knows that this is bad news, but fortunately, it seems very minor. I’ve been icing and keeping it up, and will take the week off of my run training.

2007 ankle sprain

I guess for now we’ll have to be a little more careful when we roughhouse indoors.


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