Neighborhood eats

We’ve continuing our quest to explore the neighborhood restaurants. Here’s a list of some favorites so far:

Phoenix City Grille: This place had good food, really good service and gave us a free dessert (hallelujah). However, we were the youngest clientele by a good 30 years. Odd eating while surrounded by seniors.

Sierra Bonita: Same owners as PCG, also fantastic food in huge portions. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it smells like wood – trust me. We went for lunch but I’m excited to go back for happy hour and to drink in the basement wine room!

Gallaghers: Pretty much your average sports bar, but their $1 shrimp tacos every Tuesday are what keeps bringing us back. That and the fact that they always have the Sox games on (or put them on when I ask nicely).

Rokerij: This is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever been to, with delicious entrees and an awesome vibe. The basement bar is a lot of fun and makes you feel like you’re in a foreign country, not Phoenix.

Richardson’s: Well, it burned down, but it’s now sharing a location with the Rokerij since it’s the same owner, who’s vowing to rebuild. Also great food, but kind of a frenzied and loud atmosphere. Definitely has local flair.

Aunt Chilada’s: Free food during happy hour, bocce ball, and a free sombrero on your birthday. The food is great but far from healthy, but this is a fun place for happy hour and large groups.


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