This past weekend marked my eleventh trip to Las Vegas. I’ve made the following observations to commemorate the occasion:

1. It is not humanly possible for more than two friends to travel together and not get separated every eight minutes.

2. What they say is true; it doesn’t matter where you stay, because in the end, it’s just a place to pass out.

3. It is completely PC to walk barefoot on the strip when you realize heels were a bad idea.

4. The Hoover Dam bridge will never be complete.

5. Alcoholic energy drinks are as dangerous as they sound.

6. Black 17 will not do you wrong.

7. The only quiet place in the entire city is hotel elevators.

8. Getting lost in a hotel is nothing to be ashamed of.

9. There is no better place in the world to people-watch.

10. Secondhand smoking is similar to licking an ashtray then gargling motor oil.

11. Good friends make long road trips completely bearable.

12. It’s ok to eat eggrolls, ice cream and a taco for breakfast if you’re at a buffet.


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