Bruno Broke His Leg

1. He looks like a pirate with a peg leg.

2. A dog with a cone around it’s neck should be considered a weapon.

3. $650 in vet bills, what?

4. He feels he deserves to sleep in the bed. Not just on the foot of it, right smack in the middle.

5. Covering a dog’s cast with a plastic bag so he can go outside to pee in the rain in a humbling experience.

6. We’ve gone through enough Benadryl (keeps him calm) to sedate an army.

7. I never imagined signing a dog’s cast but now I can check it off the life list.

8. Three-legged dogs are surprisingly graceful. And fast.

9. Dogs have no sympathy pains; Molly’s oblivious to Bruno’s misfortune.

10. Dogs are selfless. Bruno hasn’t complained once and offers us incessant kisses for taking care of him.

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