things that fascinate me about concerts

1. People get into physical fights during the performance.

2. Doing drugs in public becomes PC once the lights are dimmed.

3. You can’t bring plastic soda bottles out of the venue; you have to pour the remnants into a paper cup before leaving (at least at arena in Glendale).

4. People become obsessed with taking camera phone pictures of the band from hundreds of feet away that usually end up looking like nothing more than a bright blur, but the individual who took the shot will insist they can identify members of the band.

5. The security team always includes a woman in her 70’s. Why is Nana working nights?

6. Even if the show is at the end of a band’s tour, they are still so passionate and engaged in the performance. I want to be that passionate about something someday.

7. Encores. Why build anticipation at the end of the show? If you’re going to have these, do them in the beginning.
8. A beer costs $7. Mmmmrecession?
9. Cellphones have replaced lighters.
10. You have to get your hand stamped and wear a wristband for no apparent reason.

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