bargain vet

When we adopted Molly at the Humane Society, they micro chipped her on the spot for only $25, plus a $16.95 registration fee we paid on our own when we registered her. For any non pet owners, having your furry friend chipped is a permanent form of identification. Basically every shelter and vet in the country has a chip scanner that can immediately identify the pet’s owner and contact info. I used to think it was creepy, but it’s actually pretty genius.

I can’t imagine my panic if the dogs were ever lost, but it happens all the time and the chip can be a life saver. In fact, in Arizona, if your dog is picked up as a stray by Animal Control but has a chip, they never even have to go to the shelter; they’re driven directly to you for return.

I’d wanted to get Bruno chipped too, considering he’s a complete flight risk, but hadn’t wanted to pay the $120 at the vet for it (plus $16.95 registration). Then I found out the Humane Society does it all for $30 for outside clients. Only downside is it’s walk-ins only, and only on Fridays.

I packed a book and set off yesterday with Bruno. When we arrived there were easily 50 dogs ahead of us in line. There was a number machine like you find at deli counters and some very interesting people in line. Sigh. TGIF.

After nearly three hours we were called and got the chip in within two minutes. It wasn’t fun, but we saved almost $90 bucks. Bruno and I were both filthy and exhausted, but I’d still recommend this for the colossal savings; they also spay/neuter and vaccinate for a fraction of regular costs.

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