This show makes me feel icky.

I’m not even sure how to start this because I’m bothered on so many levels. The new FOX show, More to Love, is touting it self as an “inspirational series” about “one regular guy’s search for love among a group of real women determined to prove that love comes in all shapes and sizes.” Sounds ok, right?

Here’s what’s wrong with this picture: the premise of the show is a search for love among ordinary people and breaking the mold of the typical reality TV star. That’s great, but the producers apparently associate “ordinary” with “obese.”

Every female contestant competing for Luke’s love and affection is substantially overweight. Their ages, height and weight are displayed on screen along with the individual’s name during each monologue. I think it’s ironic that while we’re trying to get away from focusing on weight and looks it’s the central point of the show.

Had I been consulted to cast for this show (sadly I wasn’t), I wouldn’t have selected only overweight women. I’d go farther outside the box than weight range. What about a woman who’s been divorced, is independently wealthy, has children, survived cancer, is an immigrant or who is transgender? I think that all of those things and a million more comprise today’s ordinary woman, but maybe no one wants to watch that.

The producers of this show have tried to show that even women who don’t meet the traditional stereotype of beauty can find love…but only with a fat guy. They make it so black and white I want to gag. Beautiful or ugly. Skinny or fat. Do or die.

Having overweight female contestants compete for a proposal from an overweight man sends the message that it’s all they’re deserving of, and that fat people most certainly belong together. This makes me sad. Giant step backwards.

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