Jim has this game he plays with the dogs that he used to always play with Auron too. It’s a version of hide-n-seek that goes like this:

He’ll start playing with the dogs until they are completely hyped up. He throws one of their toys across the house, and while they run for it, he hides.

His usual spots are in the shower, in a closet, etc.
The dogs then return to continue playing, but Jim is missing. Bruno usually panics.

It’s so funny but kind of sad because they can so clearly smell him, and know he was just there, but they don’t really put it together to really look around for him.

They’ll often come into the room he’s in but only look straight ahead when he’s right behind them. Then, as soon as they run out, he makes a noise and they’re back again.
On average it only takes about two minutes for Jim to be discovered, at which point the dogs insist on licking him obsessively for several minutes (they worry he is dirty from hiding).


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