Today’s List

To distract myself on my run this morning I tried to keep a running tally of the positive aspects of the run, since it’s not entirely enjoyable to wake up at 6 to run and it’s already in the 90’s.

1. A house that had their children’s artwork displayed all over the front door.
2. A church marquee that told me God loves me always.
3. These hysterical lawn gnome children’s scooters parked in a yard.
4. Not getting catcalled on Glendale Ave (rarity).
5. Not rolling either ankle (also a rarity).
6. The satisfaction of not having to go to the gym after work.
7. The fact that when I got home my puppies jumped on me and left perfect muddy paw prints on my shirt.
8. Getting to say good morning to strangers who were also out exercising.

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